Broadband router manufacturers have a really special future, considering the fact that the demand for networking is not going to wane any time in the near future. Networking multiplies the power of computing manifolds and makes it reach greater and unprecedented heights of capability. The seamless exchange and routing data packets in a network allows network owners to enjoy privileges like sharing information throughout the network’s participating computers and even share a single computer peripheral with all terminals. Routers, thus, are indispensible and arguably the most special components of networks. When they leave the factories and workstations where they are manufactured, routers are given a default IP address. This IP address is the identification and calling information for the router operator. Belkin and SMC are among the noted manufacturers of routers. Equipment from these makers are powering thousands of networks and enabling the exchange of information between millions of computers across the globe. One can also use this IP address with a router coming with any other default IP by going to the administrative console of the router and affecting the changes. The procedure to enter the set up or the administrative console is pretty simply handled and has been thoroughly explained in the next section.

When you bring home a router from Belkin or SMC, you will need to know the default IP address of the router to be able to perform vital router management functions that are accessible from the router setup page. And to reach this router setup page, you will need a web browser in your computer. And before that, you will need to establish a link between the router and the computer from where you will execute the administrative changes. This is done by using Ethernet. Now, coming back to the computer’s web browser, you will need to enter the default IP address of the router in the format of a webpage. For instance, for a router that uses as the default address, the input to the address bar of the browser would have to be You will then need to enter the login credentials in the prompt box that comes as soon as you hit Enter after entering the above mentioned IP address. You can find the default login credentials from the customer service department of the manufacturer.

The point to point protocol is set up through the router configuration panel, or the administration console of the router discussed above. PPPoE is an important aspect of network engineering and architecture, and this necessitates that people in this industry know about Other similar set ups like PPPoA, i.e. Point to Point Protocol over ATM, and Mac Access Control are done through the same procedure. In this manner, the administrative console becomes the life and blood of activities that you need the router to accomplish.

For routers with a Belkin or SMC make, network engineers instantly know that the default IP address would be Even some other manufacturers of routers use the same address as the default IP. However, if you are stuck with a router whose default IP is not known to you, you can easily Google for the same by keying in the model number and the name of the manufacturer. The default IPv4 address we have been talking about does not always have to be used as the address to call the router. In fact, once you have access to the set up console, you can change the IP address associated with the router., as many network engineers would instantly recognize, belongs to a group of IP addresses reserved for private networks. Using private IP means that it would not matter if a router of any neighbouring network of computers uses the same default IP. This is because each router will be a part of its own network and hence would be able to run with the same IP address as several other independently working routers. Of course, you can’t use the same IP address for two devices in one network. In such a scenario, name duplication and hence, network clashes will occur. This will cause your network to malfunction, and it would continue to be so till you give a different IP address to all conflicting devices, except one.

In this manner, network engineers have a lot of interaction with The fact that there are several manufacturers using this IP as the default set one with their routers also accentuates its importance. Hence, knowledge of the same forms a vital part of their training and they stand to gain a lot from understanding the nuances of the working of routers that have as the default IP address.

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